the ugly TRUTH

How beautiful is it to be one of the few who still lives in a world where honesty is more respectable than fame or fortune.

Honesty. Do you know what that means? Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness and straightforwardness. Honesty, raw gripping honesty, is the kind of truth in which you don’t falter to stray, because even that is a falsehood.

It’s a rare and refreshing to be so honest. To refuse to be intimidated by perceptions or judgments, as to change the demonstration of a thought or a feeling. Because even the basic form of lying ultimately begins a ripple effect in your life, suddenly altering the invisible lines you use to depict right versus wrong.

And yet, lying is seen day in and day out. It’s in the most “ethical” of places, its spit from our most “trusted” of sources. It even comes from the ones we love the most. But why is it so commonplace? Do we even hold ourselves accountable for such selfish acts? I know I do. I know that I feel remorse and question the root cause for any lie that I have spurted from my mouth. Even if lying is a rare form, such as it is for myself, it entangles us all, it lives through our words, through our actions; we are the source that feeds the fire to untruths. But for what?

Do you ever think about why you are lying? Is it because you feel you are safeguarding someone? If so, let me ask you this, do you understand what you are truly safeguarding? For what I have found, is that most lies, when dug deep are rooted from my own insecurities, my own shortcomings, but a lie is a lie, and they often disguise themselves to be “common good.” So another lie is formed, but this time to myself. Reaffirming that it was justifiable to tell that lie; that we are protecting someone’s feelings. But can you see it? Are you strong enough to recognize that we just took comfort in another lie, that we just disguised ownership with heroism for lying?

Lies can be alluring, the course in which they intertwine in your world, how they ultimately make changes to your life. But actions will be accountable, so even if we fail to do so ourselves, there will still be repercussions for the lies we tell. And sooner or later, we wake up to a society that is so coated in falsehood that the lines begin to blur on what is truth and what isn’t. Hello 21st Century.

In times of chaos or crisis, we tend to turn to lies because it’s more comforting than the truth. But what I dare you to do, is to see beyond that. To see the truth as ugly as it is. To recognize that it takes bravery and courage to be honest. To reaffirm your thoughts that lies are disease and are often rooted by selfish acts. The world needs more truths, more earnesty, for without it, couldn’t our entire society be deemed as one entire falsehood? I want to live in a society in which people are virtuous, where words are spoken in pure form. Don’t you?

The ugly truth is, that it’s not going to happen until we all start to take ownership in our actions, we start to have integrity towards morals. So start somewhere, start with the simple truth. And when you find yourself backed into a corner where it would be easier to speak a lie, find the courage within to be the change we all need in this world.

4 thoughts on “the ugly TRUTH

  1. I love everything you wrote in this blog. Honesty is a HUGE thing!!! Not to call out any names but growing up in life there was an individual who would tell “little white lies” all the time and think nothing of it and there was no harm in it. But the truth is, that it was wrong. All my life I did the same until I turned my life over and realized how even the littlest of a lie was still a lie. Even when you don’t think the little lie will go wrong….it can and it does effect not only you, but everyone around you. You may not see it or realize how it can be damaging or cause you to lose people in your life.
    Melissa, you did am awesome job and I am proud of you. Sorry to go on like I did!! Love you!


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