Tips To Take Back Your Power

Let me be short and sweet here: words matter. Words matter far more than most of us give them credit for. So when I heard these words that changed my pattern of belief, of thinking, it became clear to me that these words were powerful. These words had the ability to alter my perception and reaffirm my power within my ability to maintain happiness in life. And honestly, what person doesn’t want to have happiness in their world? So if words matter so much wouldn’t it be wrong to not share them? So I’ve summarized these five tips and maybe they will enlighten you the way they did me.

Tip 1)  Do not take yourself too seriously 

You didn’t come to this life to be a slave, for everything to be hard, to have to work hard. You didn’t come here to meet some quota so you can later enjoy your life. It’s not like you are going to work to a certain capacity and timeframe and then you are suddenly allowed to enjoy your life. Enjoy your life now. Enjoy it in everything you do, in every conversation you have and try to make it the most amazing experience, every single day. For it’s the people in your life you have and the things that you are doing that are valuable and those are the most important things. More important than the car you drive, more important the house you live in and more important than the material possessions you have, are the people, the connections and conversations. So don’t take yourself too seriously. Try not to get upset when certain things don’t happen, don’t beat up on yourself, instead be easy on yourself, be kind to yourself and nurture yourself.

Tip 2)  Have more conversations with more people in the world, with strangers in the world

They say you live a longer life when you are communicating with people outside of your friends and family circle. So be bold enough to strike up a conversation with an utter stranger and engage on an authentic level. Don’t just speak to talk, engage and actively listen. When I get an Uber, I get the name of the Uber driver, I talk to them, I find out about their life, we tend to have great conversations. When I travel, I find people along my journey that I listen to, to be privy to their world, to their culture. When I am at a restaurant, I get the name of the server, I try to be gracious to them; I am talking to them and trying to get to know them on a deeper level. When I go to the store, I ask someone how their day is so far, I try to take the time to sincerely find out and find out who these people are. When you are at a cash register, find out who the person is at the cash register. Look at individual’s names tags, call their names out. If you see something inspiring about a stranger, compliment them, lift them up. If you see someone that seems to be having a rough go of it, engage and offer them a kind gesture, offer them acknowledgment that they are seen. The more you engage life, life engages you.

Tip 3) Have healthy self-talk

The way you speak to yourself matters far more than you might initially think. When you get up in the morning and throughout the day, have a conversation with yourself: tell yourself how amazing you are, how beautiful you are. Remember that whatever you say to the soul, that you say to your emotions, you become. So if you tell yourself that you are powerful, then your emotions will create it as a reality for you. So remember divinity works through your words and your mind. So let thy word be thy will. As above, so below. As you speak it, so shall it be. So if you say you are stupid, the universe will give you experiences that will clarify your stupidity. If you say great things always happen to you, then the universe will ensure that you see that great things will always happen to you. Remember what you say out of your mouth is said directly to consciousness, and what you think is directly to consciousness and that will be created immediately. So always speak to yourself with love, kindness and devotion. Tell yourself about all the beautiful and wonderful things about whom and what you are. Our thoughts are powerful and we are human, so of course there will be times that we get in ruts, where we forget to see the beauty in ourselves, but it is our choice to change that. It is our choice to speak the life that we want to have come to fruition.

Tip 4) Define who you are

The more defined you are as an individual the more undisturbed you can be by anything or anyone who disrupts your insecurities. Know who you enough to not be effected by someone who misconceives who you are. So if someone comes to you and says you are a mean and ugly person, you can be unaffected because you have already defined yourself. By defining yourself, you are already putting something on the shelf that no one else can put on the shelf. That means that I know who I am, so when someone says something negative, you can simply say, I am sorry you see it that way, however that is not how I see myself, so hopefully in the future you will be able to see me for who I truly am but you are entitled to feel whatever you need to feel and that’s it. If you are defined, you won’t be like, oh my god, I can’t believe that person said that to me, how could they say that to me? If you are reacting in that way, or reacting in general, then you are not defined. You needn’t feel obligated to explain yourself either, for if you do, then you are not defined. So define yourself. Who are you? What are you? What do you need to hear from yourself to understand that your definition of who you are, of what you are, of what you strive to be cannot and will not be faltered by anyone who doesn’t see your truth.

Tip 5) Have more fun… go play!

When we were kids we used to play and then all of the sudden something happened and we became adults and we forgot how to play, we forget how to have fun. So go swing on a swingset, go sing aloud, put on some costumes and use your imagination! Paint, draw, laugh, inspire, express, go dancing, have fun, play board games and invite people over, just GO HAVE MORE FUN. If you love and have fun in what you do and if you love and have fun with the people you are with it creates great health and vitality. It increases your spiritual apparatus and allows you to connect deeper to your soul and deeper to your inner child. In all cultures it is known to thy ownself be true, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring, it doesn’t mean you have to be serious all the time. Let yourself have fun, the moment you start having fun, you will start to see life in different ways. Life is meant to be playful in all stages, life is meant to be filled with fun, do what is necessarily to making your life fun again.

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