Growth; we talk about healing like its some mystical thing, with scented candles and flowers, but healing is dirty business; its arguably the most arduous obstacle you will be faced with. It is the very thing that can push you to your knees, bloodied and bruised by the fall; growth is that painful reminder for you to get back up, for you to transmute.

Often times in the midst of a life altering change, we are tested far more than we allow ourselves to see, to play privy to. We see the series of events that transpire in our lives causing havoc, displacing us from our norms and safety nets of comfortability. Yet it isn’t until we are out of the situation that we can reflect and see the experience for all the riches it does hold.

Growth is often seen as anything but growth during the midst of the calamity. 

Sometimes growth can abruptly stop you in your tracks. The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing; the lack of trust of whats to come can cripple you with anxiety, should you choose to allow it. But it is in these moments that we must fight to remember that we have the capability to change anything we want to change in our lives, should we choose to want it enough; including fear.

Sometimes we fall victim to the circumstances and the emotions that engulf our mindsets in such instances. Sometimes, quite possibly, we become our own obstacle in allowing the process of growth to come full circle. For interpretation is everything, but we are humans and humans are emotional beings which often times allows our feelings to take over. Leaving us with the fight for truth between the emotion and the mind which can sometimes leave one at odds.

Growth isn’t something that happens over night, it happens in between the moments of living. It is in our happiness, our bliss, our woes, our heartaches, our fears, our ignorance, our knowledge; it is the underlining story to our lives. But it isn’t a one size fits all, it is unique to each person, each lesson, for isn’t that what life is really all about when we strip away the falsehoods? It’s about better understanding our own self and the members around us, and it is a radical part of our lives regardless of the acceptance.

Though I think its fair to say that recognition takes the longest to reside, for seeing the value in the calamities of life often requires deeper insight, self awareness and forethought. Thats where healing becomes privy, for growth and healing go hand in hand. We may not have a choice in the adversities in our lives, but we can choose how to allow such instances to direct our course. When we learn how to recognize the lessons in growth we can choose how to react, how to feel, how to understand, how to transmute. The next time you recognize growth in your world, I hope you dismantle it down to the origin of the lesson, I hope you find healing in the growth.


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